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The transmission in your Hyundai has hundreds of interconnected parts that are always moving, rubbing, getting extremely hot and interacting with other internal and external components to make your car move. Because there are so many parts in the transmission, it's natural that your transmission components will experience more wear and tear than other, simpler, mechanisms in your vehicle makeup. Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, it's important to make sure your transmission is properly taken care of.

Getting a transmission fluid change or transmission flush is important maintenance for your vehicle's health. If you keep up with your transmission maintenance, your car will last much longer and perform better as it gets older. Contact Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa today to schedule your transmission service at our dealership's service center. Our master techs and Advisors can help you determine the best maintenance for your vehicle.

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If your car is having transmission problems, it is important to catch it early before it becomes a more extensive and expensive problem. If you are experiencing any of the following transmission symptoms, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a transmission service and inspection as soon as you can: Transmission shifting delays, delayed vehicle response when you shift from park to reverse, transmission slipping, grinding, or jumping during acceleration when the car is shifting gears, car shaking at any speed, potent burning smell, fluid visibly leaking from the vehicle, clunking, screeching or whistling sounds coming from the vehicle, transmission fluid on dipstick is cloudy, thick or foul smelling, or gear shifter is physically hard to move or won't go into gear. Please schedule your appointment online today and let our team 

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In manual transmissions, gear synchronizers, also known as synchros, are the transmission component that makes the gear you are about to shift into spin at the same speed as the gear you are shifting from. Gear synchronizers create a smooth, seamless shifting experience, but can wear down over time. Worn gear synchros are a common manual transmission problem, and if untreated, can cause grinding, rough shifting and transmission failure. Manual transmission vehicles also need transmission fluid to keep gears lubricated. This prevents any type of grinding in the transmission. Without the right amount of clean and debris-free transmission fluid, transmissions can overheat and essential gears can slip, surge, or become ground down, and transmission failure can occur. A worn clutch is another common manual transmission problem. The clutch in a manual transmission system can become worn due to mechanical error if there is a hydraulic fluid leak in the clutch master cylinder, or by human error if the driver is frequently accelerating and shifting through the gears without releasing his or her foot from the clutch. This can burn up a manual transmission clutch quickly and will result in a clutch replacement service.

Automatic transmissions also require transmission fluid to create the hydraulic pressure that actually powers movement within the transmission. If the fluid is low or dirty, the same problems, such as slipping, surge or grinding can occur and require expensive repair or a transmission rebuild. Needle bearings are small, lightweight roller bearings that help prevent gears in the automatic transmission's torque converter from grinding. If the transmission's needle bearings wear down, you may hear grinding or brushing noises coming from your vehicle while the car is in motion. This sound can mean your transmission gears are moving inefficiently and being prematurely worn down, on top of the unsettling grinding noise that you will hear under your hood.

Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa is the go-to place for vehicle service in Tampa Bay! Courtesy Hyundai is located just north of Raymond James Stadium and minutes from downtown Tampa. Live a little farther away or don't drive a Hyundai? That's fine! We serve customers from all over the area, as well as many different makes and models on the road right now.

What Does My Hyundai's Transmission Do?

Simply put, your transmission sends power to your wheels to ensure that you are getting appropriate speed while driving and does so by shifting the gears of your vehicle when needed. There are two kinds of transmissions on Hyundai vehicles: a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. With a manual transmission, the driver adjusts gears using both the vehicle's clutch pedal and a gear shifter that is located near the center console and the emergency brake. An automatic transmission simply requires a driver to shift the vehicle into drive if they would like to move forward; the transmission makes the adjustment for them without having to shift in and out of specific gear.

How Does Transmission Fluid Work With My Transmission?

Transmission fluid is a lubricating liquid that runs throughout the transmissions that not only keeps it running properly, but also regulates temperature (if you're driving an automatic transmission vehicle). While automatic transmission vehicles require a specific type of transmission fluid, manual transmissions either need motor oil to do the same function or, in some cases, can use the same transmission fluid that automatic vehicles take. You'll want to check your Hyundai's manual or speak to a service advisor or technician here at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa to get a better read of which transmission fluid works the first-rate with your vehicle.

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Your one stop for all of your transmission repair needs is Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa! Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa is equally adept with the smaller maintenance and routine services as it is with the larger ones, and that goes for your transmission as well. We understand the importance of your transmission to your Hyundai and know that without it in working order, you're in hefty trouble. Depend on Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa to give you a fair, definite quote, friendly service, and, most importantly, a fix to your vehicle's transmission issues. Hyundai drivers from all over Tampa Bay, including Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater and Brandon know that they can turn to us for all of their service needs because they're aware of our reputation and have been coming to us for years.

How Do I Know When My Transmission Has Gone Bad Or Needs Service?

Learn some of the dominant warning signs of a bad or failing transmission so you know what to listen for or be aware of when driving on the roads. If you experience these symptoms, take your vehicle to Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa immediately to have your Hyundai serviced by our expert, highly-trained technicians:
  • Inability to change gears, or slipping gears
  • Fluid leak
  • A burning smell coming from your engine, or transmission
  • Your check engine light comes on
  • Grinding noises, or other sounds like humming or clicking
While this is not an exhaustive list, one, or several, of these signs could be an indicator that something has gone wrong with your vehicle. It's first-rate to act quickly to get your vehicle into our service department as soon as attainable as ignoring these symptoms or signs could mean that you're on the hook for a considerable repair and, in turn, further money out of your pocket that you didn't anticipate spending in the first place.