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Come on in and get a diagnostic on your vehicle at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa, it's on us.

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Vehicle service, repair, and dashboard lights can be stressful. Knowing is everything.

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If your car needs a tune up, has a new "check-engine" light, or your tire tread is starting to wear thin, we can give you the intel and recommendations to keep your ride safe.


Meticulous Inspection

Cars need servicing - it's no secret, but when is it time? You need the most professional, certified, and trustworthy shop to service your vehicle. Our certified technicians can give you just that.


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We won't let you down, no matter what service your vehicle needs. We'll make sure that you leave with a smile every time, and your car will ready for the road when you leave.

What makes us best for your Hyundai?

Plentiful Services

Quality & Excellence

At our Hyundai center, you'll find that we utilize that latest state-of-the-art service technologies. This includes modern technologies used in the everyday industry. We can provide free diagnostics to all of our customers, and we work closely with the customer to make sure they know about their vehicle. We also offer monthly specials and discounts that our customers can take advantage of.


Convenience & Ease

At the Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa service department, we offer fast and friendly quality repairs and services. We'll repair your vehicle to either meet or exceed all manufacturer repair standards. We've helped customers from all over FL, when they were involved in an accident, popped a tire, broke a timing belt, or just needed a simple oil change. So stop by today to get a free vehicle diagnostic, and let our team of expert techs go over the variety of services that our service center offers.


Premium, Plentiful Services

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials, while employing the finest technicians in the industry. We strive to complete the job in a timely manner after determining the specific services and repairs necessary for our customers. We’ll get your vehicle back on the road and functioning perfectly in no time.

Our technicians are certified in all things Hyundai - from oil changes to checkups and all in between.


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Feel free to speak with an agent about your diagnostic or other service work. We love discussing the best way to go about our work with your car.


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No matter the problem, we'll make sure you get the best customer service possible - from batteries and oil changes to larger projects.

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Free Hyundai Check Engine Service Light Service Tampa FL

The check engine light may be a bit vague and worry-inducing, but we'll help get you and your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa. Don't delay when your vehicle's telling you that something is wrong - call us to make an appointment or stop by today and we'll identify the cause for you!

Serving Brandon, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, St. Petersburg

Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa is focused on providing you with fast, friendly, and efficient service. You'll see the benefit of our highly trained automotive technicians very quickly; all of our technicians are highly trained and certified workers, familiar with working on all makes and models of vehicles. No matter what your vehicle or what your question - or, for that matter, what issue the check engine light may be indicating - we'll do our best to help make your stay a pleasant and brief one.

Check Engine Light Service for Free in Tampa FL

If you should need any parts repaired or replaced on your vehicle, Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa is proud to use only the highest quality original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts. OEM parts are designed and manufactured in the same methods and processes as the stock parts of your car - using OEM rather than aftermarket parts means using parts whose design and construction was intended specifically for your car. We've decided that the quality control standards and high level of experience behind OEM parts make them a clear choice over their competitor, third-party aftermarket parts, whose quality levels can vary widely.

Whatever issue your check engine light is indicating, the team at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa will be proud to identify the cause and suggest the most cost-effective solution. We want to earn your repeat business, and we'll only do so by providing top quality service and an excellent experience in our shop. Come by and see for yourself the difference that our technicians make - we're looking forward to helping you out!


Your car's check engine light is the catch-all system for showing you that something's not quite right in the engine, and since the engine is the heart and soul of your car (not to mention one of the most expensive components to repair or replace), it's very important to keep it in as good health as possible. Responding to your check engine light quickly means getting the most out of your vehicle's life - it means nipping potential problems in the bud or, at least, setting yourself up to identify and prepare for them. And when it comes to a complicated and expensive investment like your car, having as few variables as possible becomes a top priority very quickly!