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What is involved in an Air Conditioning Service? | Checking & replacing your Air Conditioning Service

The first thing we will do at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa is perform a complimentary multi point inspection to ensure your Hyundai is not experiencing Air Conditioning repair symptoms from another engine component. Once the problem has been identified as a sole Air Conditioning issue the service advisor may recommend you replace or recharge your Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning Service may be the only way to ensure a full fix of the issues you are experiencing.

At Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa, we offer a multi-point inspection with every service visit that includes inspecting your Air Conditioning, brake pads, rotors, operation, belts, hoses and filters, among alternate items, not just your brake system. Our mechanics, however, will see at the following when inspecting your Air Conditioning:

  • Belts and hoses fitment and operation
  • A/C Unit output temperature inspection
  • System fan level and PSI pressure reading
  • Diagnosis of faulty switches, wiring, fuses, or condenser
  • Blower fan and compressor fitment and operation

Air Conditioning Service Service FAQs | Commonly Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Service

What is an Air Conditioning replacement?

Air Conditioning replacement involves involves replacing your system fan, compressor, condenser, and any alternate components that are damaged. If you are unsure if you need your Air Conditioning replaced, Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa can help.

Do I have to recharge my Air Conditioning?

Yes, you do have to recharge your Air Conditioning at a bit point in your vehicle's life. If you are unsure if your Air Conditioning has reached the end of it's life, we recommend you schedule a complimentary multi point inspection to determine the health of your Air Conditioning.

My engine is overheating. Why?

If you notice the temperature of your A/C climbing, it may be time to recharge your A/C. Recharging your A/C will add freon to help cool your vehicle.

What Are Air Conditioning Services? What do Air Conditioning Services Do?

Air Conditioning Services involve inspection of freon, compressor, and hoses, wiring, fuses, and all alternate A/C unit components.

Early corrosion of hoses can cause Air Conditioning replacement.

How long does Air Conditioning last?

In most cases, Air Conditioning will last at least 50,000 miles and may last up to 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle. Air Conditioning will last as long as the freon can continue to keep cooling outside temperatures and liquifying them with the compressor with ease.

How Should Air Conditioning Service Work?

To keep it clear, Air Conditioning should ensure your interior maintains optimal operating temperature under any conditions.

Long life of Air Conditioning can require attention.

What causes Air Conditioning failure?

There are a lot reasons for Air Conditioning to deteriorate.

Air Conditioning Service Near Me | Air Conditioning Service & Replacement In Tampa

Air Conditioning is designed to last a long time yet will eventually lose its freezing properties. % Your Air Conditioning is single of the most vital comfort features of your vehicle. % The Air Conditioning works by pulling heat from the outer and liquifying it to cool temperatures with Freon. % Keeping your Air Conditioning fresh will ensure the high performance and efficiency of your engine. You can schedule your Air Conditioning recharge or repair at Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa, where you will find a state-of-the-art service department with several amenities to make your service experience even better.

What will my Air Conditioning Service include when I visit your Hyundai dealership?

This can be a more complicated question to answer. Since there are several components that tie into keeping your interior cool, there are different items that may be needed for your service. Some vehicles may just need Air Conditioning topped off with Freon, others may need an entire Air Conditioning recharge, while a bit may need a replacement of freon, hoses, and compressor. Depending on the results of the multi-point inspection, your vehicle's Air Conditioning Service may include:

  • Inspection of blower fan and system fan
  • Inspection of fuses, switches, wiring, and condenser
  • Inspection of A/C Compressor
  • Inspection of Air Conditioning temperatures
  • Inspection for A/C unit leaks

How do I know when I Need Air Conditioning Service? | Instinctive Signs That Your Hyundai Needs Air Conditioning Replacement

There are a lot signs and symptoms that will clue you in on the need for Air Conditioning service. The most obvious symptom of a need for Air Conditioning service is increasing tempertures during normal operation. If you have never had your Air Conditioning recharged and your vehicle is approaching 100,000 miles you may be overdue for Air Conditioning Service.

When do I need to get my Air Conditioning inspected? Schedule your appointment with Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa if you experience any of the following:

  • Air Conditioning System PSI pressure reading for Freon
  • Blower fan and compressor operation
  • A/C output temperature check
  • Air Conditioning System fan level check
  • Fuse, wiring, condenser, and internal compressor seal inspection
  • Belts and hoses inspection for health and potential failure

New Air Conditioning Service Tampa FL | Car Repair & Air Conditioning Service Near Me | Hyundai Air Conditioning Replacement

The Air Conditioning on your Hyundai car, truck or SUV can be be critical to the comfort of your drive. Most people only notice their Air Conditioning when it fails to cool the vehicle properly. Are you experiencing smells expelling from your A/C Vents? Is there a lack of air pressure from your air conditioning vents? Do you only notice hot air blowing out of the A/C? You may need Air Conditioning service.

Air Conditioning in your vehicle is comprised of a lot moving parts that work to make the outside heat into freezing frigid air inside your vehicle. The Air Conditioning Unit involves an A/C compressor to bring air in, freon or refrigerant to liquify the air, and a condensor to combine the liquid with air for cool air conditioning inside your vehicle.

Auto Repair Near Me | Hyundai Service Tampa FL | Auto Components & Auto Tampa FL

Most auto repair shops are fine with fixing single issue at a time, but not us. At Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa, our Service Center strives to correctly diagnose/fix your vehicle the first time. This saves you hours at the dealership, money on unnecessary repairs or unneeded auto repair. We are proud to serve all Hyundai owners and are the best location to service your Hyundai car, truck or SUV in Tampaand the greater metro area. Contact our Service Center today to schedule your service appointment or to find the shop hours for the best appointment time for you or visit the store. Even if it's just for a quick multi-point inspection or alignment check, our team will be more than contented to help you.

Save on Air Conditioning Service & Air Conditioning Recharge with Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa

You may be wondering whether you need Air Conditioning Service. Your vehicle will have symptoms of A/C unit failure that you may notice. If you notice warm air blowing from your vents even with the temperature dialed down, you may need A/C service. If you notice smells coming out of the vents during A/C operation, you may need A/C service. If you are experiencing any issues we urge you to schedule service immediately so we can perform a complimentary inspection and ensure your engine is running properly.

Why Should I Get My Air Conditioning Inspected? | Why Service At a Hyundai Dealership?

  • Get an explanation/quote of the work before it begins, along with how long it will take
  • Courtesy Hyundai of Tampa uses genuine Hyundai auto parts that were specifically designed for your vehicle.
  • Get your vehicle inspected by a certified Hyundai mechanic to properly identify any issues affecting your Air Conditioning Service
  • Get an estimate of what the imperative work will cost based on the individual problems of your Air Conditioning Service